Top 10 Creative Logos

This Article analyses what the top 10 logos are to have used a creative flair in the design:

1. Fedex Logo

The Fedex logo is one of the most recognised logos in the world. Simplified down from Federal Express the logo uses a now common technique of shortening two words down to one; making a brand name shorter, easier to remember and generally more catchy.

The colours used purple and red, work well together, the colour red is used on the Ex to imply a sense of urgency. And the purple gives off connotations of being governmental and corporate. Although only two colours are used , they are used with the purpose of the business in mind and that is what makes it a successful logo. The font used also makes it successful in that it is easy to read, official looking and most importantly bold. The boldness of the font makes it easy to read whether the logo is on a parcel label or on the side of a delivery van versatility in this logo can be seen.

But the best thing about this logo is the subtlety that often goes unnoticed and could even be considered subliminal. The arrow that is seen between the E and the X is where the genius in this logo lies. It doesn’t present itself as obvious, but keeps itself hidden until the logo is studied. It is an example of creativity and opportunity which is something every designer must consider when designing a logo. The logo must be able to present the business as it is in its most basic and simplified form.

2.Toyota Logo

Toyota is one of the great Japanese car manufacturers who have really put a lot of thought into their logo. What does the word Toyota mean? In Japanese the word Toyota means “Eight” which is thought to be a lucky number bringing success and good fortune.

The main reason why the Toyota symbol is an example of good logo design is in the fact that it encompasses all of the letters into one symbol while keeping the symbol consistent, symmetrical and proportionate. If you look at the diagram below, it shows how each of the TOYOTA letters can actually be seen within the logo.

The colours used – Red as used with many other car manufacturers, connote ideas of loyalty, speed , and because it is a primary colour it makes the business appear as one of the foundation businesses increasing trustworthiness and respect.

3.Amazon Logo

The Amazon logo is another logo that shows a hidden message. The Amazon went online in 1995 after a year in development. The logo design chosen was one of the most recognisable of today. It uses a simple font with a small coloured detail. At first sight the detail appears to be a smiling face, the company wanted to come across as a friendly brand, maybe this is why yellow was used , a nice easy going colour nothing too serious.

However when the viewer looks at the logo another meaning can be found. The smiling face which appeared at first glance now becomes an arrow, that points from A to Z to signify that Amazon not only sells products, it sells everything you can think of. One of the primary goals of the company was to have everything imaginable available, and this is clearly stated in the logo itself.

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